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Team Meeting

Are you a leader who...

  • Is passionate about finding the next innovative solution?

  • Is eager to mobilize your organization toward a common purpose?

  • Recognizes the need to engage in a change initiative that requires a shift in strategic direction and support from your employees?

ISG can help!

Vision and Mission Work

Collaborative Needs Assessment

In order to support our clients in the most effective way, we collaboratively collect data on a variety of facets of an organization's structure, program and measurement systems, in order to more clearly understand support needs and subsequently, develop strategic support plans. These rigorous needs assessments also help organizations better understand their own internal processes so that they have a better understanding of the roadmap that can guide improvement efforts.

A clear and actionable mission and vision are the building blocks for successful implementation of any initiative. At ISG, we recognize this important work and ensure that our partners collaboratively construct both mission and vision as part of their organizational strategy in order to engage in the most effective planning effort for the work to follow.

Change Leadership Supports

As humans, we recognize that change is never easy and often unpopular within organizations. That is especially true when leaders make the hard decisions to pivot their ideas and thus the organization's work toward a revised set of goals and outcomes. Skilled leaders understand that essential change management practices are necessary in order to achieve success of new initiatives. We help leaders strengthen their skills toward the end of garnering support of all employees no matter how resistant they might be to the change.

Equity Infusion

As we support our partner organizations in realizing their social impact missions, we help leaders identify ways to elevate the voices of those who have been chronically marginalized - often times people who are at the receiving end of the planned initiative. We recognize that diversity, equity, and inclusion must be infused authentically within the strategic efforts in order for their outcomes to be realized at scale.

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