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Are you a leader who...

  • Is looking to develop or align a program with a set of desired outcomes or goals?

  • Is searching for experienced designers to develop curricular materials and tools for a particular target audience?

  • Is hoping to design a Theory of Change that tells an in-depth story of your social impact initiative?

ISG can help!

Program Models and Frameworks

While org-wide mission and vision are both key concepts that broadly define an organization's purpose and objective(s), ISG knows that organizations require additional models or frameworks that further illustrate their value add in their respective market and outlines the theory that drives the desired impact or change.

Programmatic Strategy and Theory of Change

Once organizations and leaders are clear about their desired end-state, ISG helps partners map out the throughline from inputs to outputs to outcomes - always planning backward from the ultimate goals or outcomes. Through the creative process of designing a Program Logic Model, ISG support organizational leaders to define each major stepping stone in the program's trajectory, while making strategic decisions about the programmatic inputs that need to be true in order to achieve the desired outcomes or goals.

Research and Literature Review

In an effort to identify the most high-leverage programmatic inputs, or interventions, ISG conducts in-depth analyses of relevant literature and research-based practice, always mapped backward from the intended outcomes and desired impact. Consequently, we consolidate our findings into a series of recommendations for our partners or, upon request, leverage these findings as part of our design of curricular tools and resources.

Program Content and Curricular Tools

ISG knows that not all organizations have the in-house expertise to develop resources and curricular tools that guide programmatic inputs toward outcomes. Our team of professional consultants work hand-in-hand to ensure that our partners have the necessary tools to guide the work of those on the ground, ensuring that the voice and feedback is sought from those most impacted by the impact initiative.

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