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  • Has a clear vision and needs support planning for implementation and impact?

  • Has an existing strategy, but believes it can be strengthened to reach maximum impact?

  • Needs support in identifying organizational priorities?

  • Is looking to align business and program objectives?

  • Is seeking project management supports in an effort to ensure successful completion of your work?

Are you a leader who...

ISG can help!

Project Management Supports

We specialize in planning, coordinating, and executing projects according to specific requirements and constraints and offer opportunities for training and development to strengthen an organization's internal capacity for this important work. 

Resource Management

Successful outcomes across an organization hinge on leaders' ability to maximizes the efficient use of resources and align employees' talents and skills with the capacities necessary to fuel the work. At ISG, we help leaders develop a plan for team and work integration designed to maximize employee performance in service of the organization's strategic objectives.

Short and Long-Term Strategic Planning

At ISG, we recognize that strategic planning efforts must be grounded in impact, and result in a roadmap to achieve the desired impact. By the end of the strategic planning process, leaders and their employees will know where they are heading, and how they will get there. 

Aligning Organization with Strategy

ISG recognizes that a sound strategy plus an infrastructure that reflects organizational priorities is necessary to maximize impact. We help organizations bring their business and strategy into alignment. 

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